Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 US Junior Taekwondo Championship

You did awesome!!

Poomsae Gold medal:
Cassidy Bauer
Evan Garvy
Jade Johnston
John Tanner

Poomsae Silver medal:
Shelby Bauer
Delaney Marchant
Rachel Newman

Poomsae Bronze medal:
Eric Fritz
Thomas Patterson

Kyorugi Gold medal:
Jason Fritz
Zack Eldridge

Kyorugi Silver medal:
Aaron Espino

Kyorugi Bronze medal:
Andy Eldridge
Eric Fritz
Evan Garvy
Nic Mathews
Mark Patterson

We also would like to congratulate the following students for participating in the Team Poomsae. What a big accomplishment!
Cassidy and Shelby Bauer, Delaney Marchant, Rachel Newman and Jade Johnston.

We are very proud of you!!